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👿🔥 Cultists yearn to die in lava in your name. Deny them.

👿🔥 Twin-stick Arcade Melee, with a dash of Demon Pong.

👿🔥 Collect the heads of Grand Viziers who have failed you.

👿🔥 Rule Hell forever with your unspeakable name atop Dreamlo leaderboards.

Twin-stick Arcade Melee, with a dash of Demon Pong.  You're huge, the enemies are tiny, so have fun stomping around and knocking them all the hell over the map. Sacrifice the Grand Vizier of the house that has lost your favor, or just take the head of the winner because you're a demon that's what demons do.

Cultists get progressively more devout and come up with ever greater methods of trying to get past you and throw themselves into lava so that they can die for you. But don't let your guard down, if they expose you as a false idol then they will die but in a different way which somehow is less good. Or bad.


Left Stick / WASD : Move

Right Stick / Arrows : Aim/rotate

Fire / Space,Z,X : Hold to bring up your shield and charge your hammer.

When you release the fire button when the hammer is charged, you'll smash your hammer down knocking enemies back. If enemies touch your shield, you will drink their souls. Drink 5 souls and you can throw your hammer, killing enemies for points. Bounce your hammer back repeatedly to increase the score multiplier.

At the end of every wave, select one House for sacrifice. They will grow in their passion to jump in the lava, and you will get a reward.


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anno_luciferus_ld43_sourcecode.zip 26 MB
anno_luciferus_ld43_v2_mac.app.rar 14 MB
anno_luciferus_ld43_v2_win.zip 17 MB
anno_luciferus_ld43_v2_linux.rar 14 MB


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mac version also doesn't seem to run: The application “anno_luciferus_ld43_v2_mac” can’t be opened.

Linux version does not run, it isn't even a valid executable


oh snap


thank you!

No problem! Thanks for the quick response!