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Race towards the Next Hell in an action packed shoot 'em up from the 16 bit era that never was. Power through walls of jagged metal, melt enemy bikers and vehicles, dodge furious lazerscorpions, and go toe to toe with massive bosses covered in guns.

Devil Take the Wheel!

The truck drives itself, you control the guns and throttle. Burst fire, full auto, parry enemy projectiles or just crush everyone under the wheels. Choose from a randomized gear collection after every wave and put together your evilest build.

Darkest Driving Demons

Crank out high scores and dominate your weak, mewling friends on a global leaderboard. Skill based mechanics reward full clears and perfect play against ever more challenging waves and hellish enemy trucks.

Demon Truck is currently campaigning on Steam Greenlight! If you like the game, give it a vote and help spread diesel and brimstone all over the globe.

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Demon Truck was originally created as part of Ludum Dare 34 during the weekend of December 11th 2015. Ranked in the 98th percentile in fun, enough of my friends encouraged me to polish the game up a little and see what could be made of it, so here we are.

Check out the Ludum Dare version here!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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DemonTruck_v_1_0_linux.zip 38 MB


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Linux Demon Truck throws an error. https://gist.github.com/b19ca6d8884ef0661d244a551a605416

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