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You THOUGHT you stole a cookbook. Instead you boosted an arcane tome with an insatiable thirst for blood and gems. Oops!

  • Brick-breaking town-raiding goat-summoning arcade high scoring action!
  • Gather ingredients, mix them with your blood, summon an army.
  • Raid towns for mega-bonus pens full of tasty farm animals.
  • Dunk on your scrubby friends with Dreamlo-powered leaderboards!

Gameplay bounces between gathering resources in the cave, and raising hell in a nearby village. Neither location is perfectly safe, but the cave offers an opportunity to stock up on the metal, blood, and gems you'll need to defeat the throngs of angry villagers trying to protect their livestock.

Summon golems of blood and stone to help you. Rolling shield walls, fireball towers, giant slabs of spiked jade, all of these are better than your spatula. Let the troops do the big fighting while you run off and grab delicious farm animals for big points.


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lunch-lord-the-doom-of-black-philip-windows.zip 82 MB
Version 1
lunch-lord-the-doom-of-black-philip-mac.zip 99 MB
Version 1
lunch-lord-the-doom-of-black-philip-linux.zip 82 MB
Version 1


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I would gladly pay for this game on steam if you added a bit more polish

I enjoyed the game and I hope you consider continuing to support the game by updating it and polishing the concept.